Biographical Information
Full name Asgardians
Aliases Scandinavian gods, Gods of Scandinavia, Gods of Germany, Norse Gods, Saxon Gods, German Gods, Viking Gods
Planet Earth
Base Of Operations Asgard, Norway
Physical Information
Body Type Humanoid
Hair color Variable
Eye color Variable
Skin Variable
Number of Limbs 4
Number Of Fingers 5
Number Of Toes 5

Asgardians were a race of evolved humans possessing immense super powers, such as Superhuman Strength, Superhuman Durability and a Healing Factor.


The Asgardians origins are shrouded in mystery, making it difficult to nail down the truth. However, it was believed that they started showing up between the late 1600's and 1800's in Norway. They believed that they received their powers from the Norse Gods and to represent them, they began dressing like and naming themselves from Norse mythology, even going as far to call themselves, Asgardians.

Around 1900, Odin Borson took over as leader of the Asgardians after his father became frozen in ice.

Known AsgardiansEdit