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01 Pilot3 051 Pilot
A spaceship crashes in Smallville, Kansas during a meteor shower. A boy emerges from the ship. He is adopted and named Clark. When he is seventeen, he learns where he came from. He has a crush on Lana. He saves Lex’s life. His friend Chloe records the strange things that have happened since the meteor shower. The football team makes Clark a scarecrow by tying him to a cross in a cornfield.
02 Meta320 Metamorphosis
Greg Arkin has a passion for insects and Lana. When meteor rock infected bugs swarm him, he takes on insectoid characteristics. Clark wakes up to find himself floating above his bed. Lex tries to help Clark woo Lana by giving him her meteor rock necklace. Clark discovers that he can protect himself from its effects with lead. Greg kidnaps Lana, and Clark battles Greg to rescue her.
03 250px X-Ray
Tina Greer's skeleton is laced with meteor rocks. She is able to assume the form of anyone. She assumes the form of Lex to rob a bank. Clark discovers he has x-ray vision. Lana discovers her mother was much more interesting than her aunt ever told her. And Lex turns the tables on Roger Nixon, a journalist turned extortionist, gaining himself an unwilling ally at the Metropolis Inquisitor.
04 Smallville105 489 Cool
When Sean Kelvin falls into an icy, meteor rock-laced lake, he suffers from permanent hypothermia, he is desperate to get warm. He tries fire and electricity, but the best fix is body heat. Clark breaks a date with Lana in order to save Chloe. Clark throws Sean in a pond, which freezes and entombs him. Meanwhile, Jonathan refuses to accept Lex as an investor in the family farm. and Lana laments the impending sale of the Talon.
05 Cassandra Carver Hourglass
Clark meets Cassandra Carver. She was blinded during the meteor shower and now sees the future. When Harry Volk falls into a pond with meteor rocks, he becomes young and begins killing the descendants of the jury who convicted him of murder 60 years ago. Cassandra provides Clark with some insight into his future, but she dies when she sees a vision of Lex’s future. Meanwhile, Lana convinces Lex to restore the Talon.
06 Smallville108 567 Jitters
Earl Jenkins is suffering from seizures. He was exposed to meteor rocks at LuthorCorp. In an attempt to discover what he was exposed to, he takes hostages inside the plant. Lex trades places with the hostages. Clark finds the mysterious Level 3, but there are no answers there. Meanwhile, Chloe researches Clark's adoption, and Lana prepares for the opening of the Talon.
07 202x0263 Heat
Clark goes into hiding after he discovers a startling new power that quickly gets out of control and accidentally harms Lana. However, after a hot new teacher uses kryptonite-enhanced pheromones to convince Lex to marry her, then spellbinds Jonathan, Clark must get a grip on his new power in time to keep Jonathan from killing Lex.
08 250px Duplicity
After one of Clark's friends discover the spaceship in the cornfield, Clark goes against his parents' wishes and reveals his secret, but is shocked when the reaction he gets makes him question his friend's loyalty. Meanwhile, frustration with his father causes Lex to lose his temper and attack a parking attendant's car with a golf club, landing him in an anger management class where he meets an interesting new woman.
09 Red 123 Red
The school unknowingly uses red kryptonite in the class rings and its effect on Clark stuns his friends and family as he turns into a rebellious and dangerous teenager who decides to use his powers for evil instead of good. Jonathan and Martha scramble to find the truth behind Clark's behavior before he exposes his true identity, while Lana finds herself drawn to the "new" Clark who declares his love for her.
10 Prodigal6 Reaper
Tyler Randall is resurrected after a piece of meteor rock is embedded in his wrist at the time of death. Everyone he touches turns to ash. He tries to help people by putting them out of their misery. Meanwhile, Clark decides to take a job at the Talon and Lex turns down an offer from Lionel to return to Metropolis.
11 Sv305 Perry
Perry White arrives in Smallville in search of alien stories for a tabloid news show. He devises a dangerous scheme to expose Clark's superpowers, and Lex learns that Perry has powerful incriminating evidence of Lionel's shady past.
12 Smallville121 564 Tempest
Clark, Chloe and Pete get ready for the spring formal. Lionel closes the plant. Lex plans an employee buyout. Roger Nixon threatens to expose Clark. Whitney leaves for the Marine Corps, and Lana gets swept up in a tornado.
13 201x0083 Vortex
After Clark rescues Lana from the eye of the storm, he discovers the storm's wrath has unleashed the spaceship into the fields and buried his father alive.
14 250px Redux
After realizing the farm is in financial trouble, Martha goes to her estranged father for help. Clark is thrilled at the prospect of meeting his grandfather but Jonathan's refusal to see the man prompts Clark to force a reunion that doesn't go exactly as planned. Meanwhile, Lana meets Adam Knight during her physical therapy.
15 Whisper152 Whisper
Clark is temporarily blinded by his own heat vision reflected through kryptonite. He develops super-hearing to compensate. While Nathan Dean kidnaps Pete, Lex fires Chloe's dad, and Lana tells Clark she is seeing someone new.
16 Smallville312 375 Delete
Clark and Lana each make an attempt on Chloe's life after receiving mysterious e-mail messages. Lex helps uncover the source of these emails and, Lana rents the apartment above the Talon to Adam and Lex discovers something, too.
17 250px Velocity
Jason Dante threatens to kill Pete Ross. Clark has to lie, steal and cheat to save his friend. While Lana discovers that Adam Knight is Bruce Wayne, he himself witnesses Clark's powers. Meanwhile, after Helen discovers a locked room in the mansion she demands to know what is behind it, forcing Lex to come clean about his investigation of Clark.
18 Smallville316 274 Crisis
Lana tells Clark Adam Knight's secret and that he has been spying on him, and asks Lex to help her evict him. When Clark confronts Bruce about his secretivity, he reveals that he knows about Clark's abilities and he won't tell anyone as long as Clark doesn't tell anybody who he is.
19 Smallville207 254 Lineage
A mysterious woman shows up claiming to be Clark's mother, prompting the Kents to tell Clark what happened after they discovered him in the cornfield that fateful day. Clark discovers why his father hates the Luthors, and how his adoption was fixed.
20 Smallville302 007 Exile
Overwhelmed by his destiny, Clark puts on his red kryptonite ring, leaves the farm and begins living a life of crime in Metropolis, so Jonathan makes a deal with Jor-El to bring him home.
21 250px Forsaken
Clark decides to tell Lana his secret to prevent her departure to Paris. Pete decides to move to Wichita after Frank Loder tries to beat Clark's secret out of him. While Chloe finally comes through for Lex, and he restores her deleted voice mail confession from Lionel.
22 E22calling720pmkv 002571359 Covenant
Jonathan reveals the deal he made with Jor-El. Lionel helps Clark discover Lex's room of obsession, and Lana leaves for Paris. Meanwhile, Lex and Helen plan their upcoming wedding, Lionel is denied bail and Chloe and her father are killed in an explosion.
Meanwhile, after Helen discovers a locked room in the mansion she demands to know what is behind it, forcing Lex to come clean about his investigation of Clark.

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  • Events take place between August 1999 and June 2000.