No Information
Biographical Information
Full name Victor Stone
Year of Birth February 1, 1984
Place of Birth New York, New York
Died No Information
Current Alias Cyborg
Aliases Cyberion Technis; Omegadrome; Planet Cyberion
Nicknames Vic, Corky
Physical Information
Gender Male
Height 6'3"
Hair color Black (Currently Bald)
Eye color Brown
Ethnicity African American
Species Human; With Cybernetics
Unusual Features Over 90% of Victor Stone's body has been replaced with synthetic skin and molybdenum steel.
Family Information
Family Silas Stone (father, deceased)
Elinore Stone (mother, deceased)
Maude Stone (grandmother)
Tucker Stone (grandfather)
Marital Status In A Relationship
Alignment Good
Identity Secret Identity
Citizenship American
Occupation Former NYPD Detective
Education Some College
Status Xavier Institute For Gifted Youngsters
Base Of Operations No Information
Affiliation X-Men
Formerly NYPD
Episode Count
First Appearance No Information
Latest Appearance No Information
Appearances S1, S2, S3, S4, S5, S6